Local school bus stuck in field

SOMERTON, Ariz. - The Somerton Cocopah Fire Department responded to a report of a bus leaning off of a roadway and into a field West of Highway 95 and Avenue I Wednesday morning.  The initial callers to 9-1-1 stated that the bus appeared to be close to tilting over and onto its side.  Because it was still dark outside, the callers were unsure whether it was a farm labor or a school bus. 

Upon arrival, the first Somerton Cocopah Fire Department units on scene reported that it was a school bus, from Harvest Preparatory, and that all of the students and the driver had exited safely. 

The drive, for unknown reasons, had driven the bus to a point where the front driver side wheel had left the roadway, pulling the bus down a two to three foot embankment and into the field.  Although the bus was left seriously tilted it remained stable enough for the students to safely exit.  None of the students were injured and the driver requested that a school supervisor respond to the scene.

The Yuma County Sheriff’s Department responded to the scene and are investigating.

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