Son of Yuma man accused of murder takes the stand

Defendants son takes the stand for the restaurant murder trial

YUMA, Ariz. - The son of the Yuma man accused of murdering a man at Lin's Grand Buffet restaurant in 2014 took the stand Thursday. 

Modesto Cortes-Serrillo's son Jose Cortes was the first to testify Thursday morning. Cortes's son didn't hide the difficulty of reliving the crime his father is being accused of.  

Cortes told the courtroom his parents had a history of verbal argument. He also blames his mother for their failed marriage adding he found Facebook messages that proved she was having an affair. 

The state questioned whether that might be a motive for retaliation from Cortes-Serrillo.

The forensic pathologist who examined Diaz's body confirmed that he died of multiple gunshot wounds and images were shown by the state as evidence.

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