Son speaks out after mother of 3 killed in accident

Son speaks out after mother of 3 killed in car crash

Yuma, AZ - For the first time, Omar Luna is speaking out about the accident in San Luis  that forever changed his families life. He says answers and justice is all he asks for. 

“I think about the happy person that she always was and her face I could see a smile still in her face and that moment I just want her to wake up. My sister keeps saying mom wake up”, says Luna.  

Omar Luna will never forget what happened on April 21st.

"My sister called me, she said we are at the hospital over here in Yuma. She says, where are you at, what happened, where are you at. I felt like something bad and I didn't want to think about it. But I was expecting it so I see her coming down the hall way and she says my mom didn't make it”, he said.  

Omar’s mom, nephew, brother, and sister in law were riding in a car when they were struck by an oncoming vehicle in San Luis.

53 year old Maria Elena Berumen died. Omar remembers twenty minutes before the accident speaking with his mom over the phone. 

Luna says, "When I called my mother and she was saying that they were going on there way to San Luis, Mexico and she was going to bring me some stuff from Mexico. She never came back.” 

Omar says his faith and the out pouring of support is helping them cope with the loss and shares a powerful message. 

“It doesn't matter if you are late. You will still make it and be careful when you’re driving because you don't know who’s life you’re going to change", says Luna. 

As Maria rests in heaven, Omar says love your mom and never take a day, a minute, or a second for granted.

Officials say lab results are still being made to determine  the factors of this accident.

A page has been set up to help out the family.

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