Special Olympics Arizona First Youth Summit

Special Olympics Arizona First Youth Sum

YUMA, Ariz. - Castle Dome Middle School hosted the #PlayUnified event. 

Their goal was to make inclusion a theme in Yuma. They gave people a chance to hear on how one can raise awareness and funds. 

The purpose is to include everyone.

Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools teamed up to bring a joy to kids of all ages. The schools involved AWC preschool students, Otondo Elementary School students, Castle Dome Middle School students and Gila Ridge High school students. Students with and without intellectual disabilities participated in this event celebrating sports, arts and fun through acceptance and inclusion.

"This is a youth-led program so these events are made to empower those youth and take that back and lead at their campus," shared Senior Director of programs, Isacc Sanft.

The first official summit brought many activities such as basketball and art just to name a few. The younger kids even had field day where they planted seeds of inclusion.

The community welcomes inclusive practices with unified sports in order to raise awareness and acceptance to the community.

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