Special Olympics in San Luis

special olympics

The Special Olympics took off Saturday morning at the Joe Orduno park in San Luis, Arizona.

It began with a parade at 8 a.m. featuring the prestigious San Luis band.

Director of Special Education, Miguel Gonzalez, for the Gadsden Elementary School District shared he is especially grateful for all the teachers that help put this event together:

"I just want to thank... our teachers especially, our teachers are the ones who put this together and they have countless hours that they dedicate to organizing this event; collaborating with each other and collaborating with outside agencies to make this happen today."

Gonzalez also went on to thank the parents and agencies that participated in Saturday's event.

Preschool through junior high kids were able to enjoy a day out in the sun with lots of fun games. They provided food for the kids as well. There was an array arts and crafts, face painting and many events. The Olympic events consisted of anything from soccer to basketball to obstacle courses, just to name a few. This is all in efforts to promote physical activity in community.


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