Speeding a problem in neighborhood where car crashed into home, resident says

Homeowner pleas to make neighborhood safe

YUMA, Ariz. - A car crashed into a home Friday night in Yuma in the area of 16th Place and Magnolia Avenue, authorities said.


The accident happened around 9:11 p.m., where a male suspect, Israel Medel, was heading southbound on Magnolia Avenue at a high rate of speed when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed through a City of Yuma light pole before going through a chain link fence and colliding into the home, Yuma Police said.


"All I heard was just a roar and stuff going flying through the hallway and dust coming flying at me," the homeowner said.


The vehicle crashed into the room the homeowner's grandson was in.


“I hear my grandson yelling for help,” the homeowner added.


That's when he took action, finding his way inside the room to make sure his grandchild was okay.


Israel Medel tried to get out of the vehicle and run, but neighbors tackled him down until police arrived, according to the homeowner.


Medel is facing several charged including Aggravated DUI and Endangerment, according to police.



The homeowner said this isn't the first time where a car wounded up on their property. The last incident happened February 2016.


“I couldn’t believe it… going on now, this is the second time. We’ve asked the city to put speed bumps in… they haven’t yet,” the homeowner said.


He did mention that the city put in a speed sensors on the street.


"He put it on a Monday afternoon to a Tuesday afternoon... and said there's only one speeder doing a 35 in a 25... what's the sense of putting it out on a Monday?" the homeowner asked.


He said there's a speeding issue in the neighborhood.


“Truthfully, right now, everybody takes this corner like it’s a race track,” Louis Perez, the homeowner's son, said.


Their friends brought over a camper for the family to stay in, until everything is fixed and boarded up.


Thankfully, there were no serious injuries. The homeowners hope the city will implement speed bumps so something like this doesn't happen again.


"It’s going to cost some body their life one day. And it almost did my son’s last night,” Perez said.

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