State official feels community pulse at informal meetings

IMPERIAL, Calif. - A state official meets with the public informally to feel the pulse of the community.

State Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia said on Friday that he’s busy at the capitol working on many issues affecting the area. But, he said, he still makes time to meet the community on a regular basis.

He met with over two dozen people on Friday evening at his local office in Imperial. He said they shared their concerns with him on the Salton Sea, education, business development, among other topics. He also talked about the passing of small business protection laws which will shield them from frivolous lawsuits.

He said the community should feel free to contact him with ideas that will help improve the area.

“Two hundred million dollars for the Salton Sea management plan that will be decided by the voters in June. That was our legislative initiative. Anti-gang awareness resolution that was passed by the California State Assembly really focused on a state-wide effort,” Garcia said.

Assembly Member Garcia said he’ll continue having these informal public meetings throughout the year. He said the public can reach him with their concerns at his local office.

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