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Protestors in Arizona arrested after lashing out at police

PHOENIX- Multiple arrests were made outside of President Trump's rally in Phoenix Tuesday night after protestors lashed out at police officers.

According to Sergeant Howard who works for the Phoenix Police Department, people threw bottles and rocks at law enforcement officers. The first tear gas that was thrown came from one of the protestors, not police. The pedestrian fence that was made to keep protestors safe was even toppled over.

Police gave the crowd a warning to disperse. Since that did not work, they used other things such as smoke and tear gas to get the crowd to comply. Sergeant Howard said no rubber bullets were used by officers.

Three arrests were made in connection to the protests. 28-year-old Daireus Stokes was arrested for a list of things that included three counts of aggravated assault on law enforcement officers and three counts of disorderly conduct. Court documents stated that Stokes had a handgun and was also threatening officers. 25-year-old Pamela Robertson was arrested for aggravated assault and 34-year-old Derrick Pacheco was arrested for disorderly conduct .

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