Stolen items recovered during traffic stop

Traffic stop leads to arrest of burglary suspect

CALEXICO, Calif. -

A traffic stop nets thousands of dollars in stolen property belonging to a local store.

Calexico Police said traffic stops are never routine. Antonio Delgadillo Jr. is behind bars because of a traffic stop.

Officer Oscar Ruiz said, “The vehicle was stopped for a moving violation. That was the primary factor or what we call the probable cause to stop the actual vehicle.”

Police saw Delgadillo pulling out of a parking lot on Wednesday morning. They said he made a sudden turn into another parking lot near a bank.

“The officers approached the vehicle in a safety manner and other units were called due to possible criminal activity going on,” Ruiz said.

Police said at that moment Delgadillo became nervous and avoided eye contact.

“One thing led to another and it came down to an arrest of stolen property and controlled substances,” Ruiz said.
In the trunk of the car, police found over $2,000 dollars of alleged stolen items.

“We needed to call the manager from Walmart and we were able to transport him on scene. And Walmart management was able to actually identify some of their products from the vehicle,” Ruiz said.
In another traffic stop later that day, Officer Ruiz helped a family in trouble.

“I was able to observe a child pushing an elderly female in a wheelchair. So, I felt the need to go ahead and help out the kid and push the elderly lady across the roadway,” Ruiz said. A photo of that incident is being widely circulated on social media.

Ruiz said each traffic stop is unique.

“What we think of every time is our safety and obviously the safety of the drivers and passengers. But, we have to be aware of our surroundings,” Ruiz said.

The website said 26 police officers were killed during traffic stops in 2016 by someone in the car.

Delgadillo Jr. is being charged with possession of stolen property, burglary, and possession of controlled substances.

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