Students make history come alive

EL CENTRO, Calif. - History became alive at the Imperial Valley Home School Academy Friday morning.


Over 60 students gave life to personalities in history, deceased or not. There were presidents, war heroes, doctors, inventors, celebrities, and even one student’s grandfather who said he’s still very much alive.


School officials said it’s a way to make history fun and real for the students. The activity combines multiple skills valuable in their educational growth. They say the homeschool program is not better than traditional schools but it is an option.


School Principal Marie Plourd said, “They’ve done research as far as filling some social studies requirements. They’ve been able to incorporate that into a writing the paper that they’ve had to develop. And then again, taking on the persona of the person that they’ve researched, lends itself to speaking skills being able to present in public, which is all very,  very important.”


This is the eighth Annual Living History Museum event at the academy located in El Centro.


More details in our newscast.

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