Students who caused school lockdown will face charges


CALEXICO, Calif. - We are getting more information regarding the lockdown that took place at Calexico High School yesterday.

Calexico Police say they will be working with the Imperial County District Attorney's Office to file charges against three students from Calexico High School.

“The Calexico Police Department along with the assistance of U.S. Border patrol agents entered the classroom, detained approximately 13 students,” said Officer Sean Acuna, Calexico Police Department.

Those 13 students were searched and an imitation firearm was located in a backpack. When questioned, students said their actions were because of a prank.

“Three juveniles were arrested, two for brandishing an imitation firearm on school ground and the third for making a false police report,” explained Acuna.

A student had reportedly called 9-1-1 to report the firearm to police to add to the prank.

The students were transported to the Calexico police department and later released to their families.

“This is absolutely extremely serious, like I mentioned before, there is so many school shootings across the nation and even a month ago, we had an event that was basically foiled. And so we take it extremely serious, we utilize all our resources that we have available to address a threat,” added Acuna.

We did reach out to the school superintendent and principal to confirm if these students were allowed to return to school today and to see what disciplinary action will be taken, but they were not available for comment.


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