Successful "Blankets from the Heart" drive helps locals

Successful Blanket from the Heart Drive

YUMA, Ariz. - After talking to Barbara Rochester with Crossroads Mission, we learned that she didn't have enough warm clothes to provide to a local family.


“It was very heart-breaking when they came in and I didn't have anything to give them,” Rochester said.


A different start to this holiday season than in the past.


"I am totally out of warm clothes, usually from year-to-year, I have a little extra to start off with. But, this year I had nothing at all. No sweaters and the nights are getting cold, so this is very important to donate as soon as possible,” Rochester added.


Those in the Yuma community came together Friday at the Yuma Palms Regional Center to donate to the Crossroads Mission, in partnership with 13 On Your Side, to help keep those in need stay warm this holiday season. Especially as temperatures continue to take a dip.


The "Blankets from the Heart" drive provides the necessities to those in need in the form of gloves, jackets, and blankets.


The event started at 10 a.m., and at the start of the event, many cars pulled up dropping off bags of gently used clothing and bed sheets. This was a good sign for Crossroads Mission, to stock up on warm clothes and blankets.


Donations ranged from Helping Hands in the Foothills to Tracy Sullins' class from Mary A. Otondo Elementary School.


"We appreciate all the stuff we have gotten already. We've gotten so much more than we had gotten in the beginning of the thing we did last year," Rochester said.


Crossroads Mission isn't the only one getting into the holiday spirit and giving back to the community. The U.S. Marine Corps holding their "Toys for Tots" drive at the Yuma Palms.


Sgt. Nicholas Mihalek said that it's an important cause that's near to him.


"Being a father of four, there's nothing greater to me than seeing a child's smile on Christmas Day. Seeing that present, whether they get to unwrap it or open it, it just brings joy to me and I want to make sure every child has that opportunity," Sgt. Mihalek said.


"Toys for Tots" is running all December long and ask for any unwrapped toys or monetary donations.


A successful event for Crossroads Mission, serving hundreds of locals, including homeless veterans and children.

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