Suspect caught with city video surveillance system

Suspect caught with video...

CALEXICO, Calif. -

A man wanted on federal charges is behind bars thanks to Calexico’s new video surveillance system.

Calexico Police Dispatcher Leo Miramon said, “Now we have the capability of seeing people commit crimes, do illegal activities just like what happened yesterday.”

Miramon said he saw 41-year-old Gabriel Ruiz allegedly making a drug deal at Border Park on Monday morning.

“I noticed the subjects there, advised Officer Carbajal to check out those subjects due to the activity that I witnessed,” Miramon said.

“Our dispatcher was monitoring the city camera, and he noticed a group of subjects in the park which eh believed to be using narcotics. At that point, I was dispatched to investigate and during my patrol check that’s when I discovered this individual with the open beer can, and later I discovered he had over six ounces of methamphetamine,” Carbajal said.

Cameras are placed downtown, in parks, and other key places. They are high definition, can zoom in and out. Police said they can’t disclose the number of cameras or exact location.

“We usually able to catch people doing crimes in progress,” Miramon said.

“These cameras aid a lot, aid us in law enforcement. We can’t be in all locations at once, but these cameras definitely help,” Carbajal said.

Ruiz was charged with drug possession then turned over to federal authorities to face other serious charges.

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