Suspect in multiple burglaries caught

Suspect linked to multiple burglaries is arrested

CALEXICO, Calif. - A suspect linked to multiple burglaries is off the streets.

Calexico Police said 36 year-old Sergio Aispuro is behind bars for allegedly burglarizing a Calexico business twice.

Officer Francisco Soberanes said that Aispuro “admitted to us that he had been under the influence of a substance when he committed these burglaries.”

Police found Aispuro on Friday around one in the morning.

“We approached the abandoned residence. There was an abandoned, non-secured boat. There was a subject inside,” Soberanes said.

Aispuro was still wearing the same clothing he wore in the alleged burglaries captured on surveillance video.

“As we were securing the boat, we found property belonging to the warehouse. After finding the property we began questioning him regarding the items found. We found drug paraphernalia inside the boat, which he admitted some of the syringes were his,” Soberanes said.

The arrest came thanks to someone who saw him coming out of an unoccupied lot at 1235 C.N. Perry Avenue. The concerned resident called 911 and reported he had seen a man running away with a bag containing twelve-gauge shotgun shells.

Aispuro is charged with two counts of burglary and one count of possession of stolen property.

The shotgun shells were not found.

More details in our newscast.

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