Suspected shoplifter gets away five times before getting arrested

CALEXICO, Calif. - A man is behind bars after allegedly shoplifting at the same store in Calexico on several different occasions.

Calexico police say Jose Carlos Salas, 28, was arrested on Tuesday suspected of robbing a store in downtown five different times. Surveillance video at the Garlans store captured images of Salas grabbing jeans off the racks and running out of the store with them.

According to police, the first incident happened November 1. He allegedly shoplifted jeans again from the store on Monday.

Authorities say Salas is well known by police officers from previous arrests which made it easier for officers to find him.

“First few times it's petty theft because of the value of the property but because of the method which he was stealing the items and the method that he used to get those items, are all similar, and the quantity that he's taken thus far, in all five incidents, we've reached the total loss of $1,600 in property loss to the victim. So, he's looking at grand theft," said Detective Armando Orozco.

Salas was arrested entering the U.S. at the downtown port of entry. Police say Salas lives in Mexicali but believe he was originally a gang member from the Los Angeles area.

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