Tax Tip Tuesday: Deadline for Arizona tax payers to get their refund check

Tax Tip Tuesday

It’s Tax Tip Tuesday.  Tax day is April 18th and that means we have just over three weeks left to get everything in order. For many, filing their taxes every year can be a tedious, yet important process.

According to the IRS, there are approximately 25,000 Arizona taxpayers who have yet to file their 2013 tax return. That means there has been a significant amount of money that hasn't been collected due to tax payers over paying. IRS spokesman, Bill Brunson tells us how time is running out for these individuals to file and get their money.

“For a person to get the taxes that they've overpaid, you have to file the return. Some people for whatever reason don't file annually. There is a statutory set of time by law that you're allowed to file and generally speaking that is three years. The folks that haven't filed for 2013 yet, if they don’t by Tuesday April 18th of this year, they are not going to be able to ever claim that money, period," said Brunson.

He also added that if you owe money to the government or feel that you have overpaid in your taxes, going to their website at is always a good idea. For more information you can call their toll free number at (800)-829-1040.

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