Taxi cab drivers carjacked at knifepoint

Man accused of two carjackings arrested

CALEXICO, Calif. -

Calexico Police arrested 37-year-old Mexicali resident Daniel Lee McDaniel for allegedly carjacking two taxi cabs at knife point held to the drivers’ throats. The first one on Thursday morning as McDaniel was picked up in the downtown area.

Calexico Police Detective Armando Orozco said, “The victim reported that he picked up the suspect, drove him to the area of Las Casitas park area. And when they arrived to the location, the suspect pulled a knife on the victim, robbed him of his valuables and took the cab.”

The taxi was recovered. The second incident happened on Monday.

“The suspect started to make contact with the driver and begin his assault and his threats, as far as trying to rob him. The cab driver was a little bit non-compliant but at the same time was moving, so there was a collision,” Orozco said.
The taxi cab driver fought back, the taxi crashed against another vehicle and McDaniel fled.

“The suspect and the cab driver began to struggle and a collision occurred. And the suspect fled on foot from the location,” Orozco said.

McDaniel was arrested on Wednesday morning at the downtown port of entry.

“He was arrested as of one-fifty-seven this morning. If found guilty he’s going to do some serious time,” Orozco said.

We spoke to some cab drivers who didn't want to be named. They said they’re very concerned for their safety. They said that “raiteros” – people who give rides for a fee – are partly to blame for attracting violence on them. We saw and overheard a man, allegedly a raitero, negotiating with a woman over a ride out of town for a fee.

McDaniel is being charged with carjacking, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and making criminal threats. Taxi drivers said they’re going to be more careful.

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