"Teachers in Training" to challenge students for new school year

Teachers in Training

Yuma,Arizona - Before class is in session teachers of Gasden Elementary school district are being taught before they teach.

Second-grade teacher Irene Tellez is one of many teachers taking part of the three-day workshop to learn about different teaching methods for her students.   

"I teach second grade and I teach all the subjects. It's my second year and I'm learning a lot of new things.Last year I was learning through a lot of mistakes, and this year I think I'm going to do much better." 

The workshops cover all subjects at different levels and prepares teachers to challenge their students with different material. Program Director Vanessa Gonzalez says having an open mind to new material makes you a better educator. 

"As teachers, we need to be open to the idea that we're life long learners. New strategies come to play, new standards are being rolled out on the daily, so we need to be up to date to make successful citizens."

This is the district's seventh year holding these workshops and find that it's pretty effective when you know how to challenge students at their own pace. 

" I see a big difference in teachers. I see when teachers are in action in the classroom, everyone is so involved in the growth in the teachers and you can see that in the knowledge, you can see that as you walk through the classrooms, and to see the students have the conversations they have now versus later." 




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