The 'Art in the Park' Festival is this Saturday

12pm-5pm at Gateway Park

Art in the Park

YUMA, Ariz. - While the weather on the east coast may be keeping many indoors, here in the desert southwest this is prime season for us and what better way to spend your Saturday than at a local fine arts festival. 

The 2nd annual 'Art in the Park' festival is taking place this Saturday at Gateway Park. It's a chance for artists to showcase their work while locals can partake in the amenities such as wine by the Colorado river. Lindsay Benacka with the Yuma art center explains why an event like this is so important to the Yuma art world. 

"We're in one of Yuma's most scenic areas of gateway park and we put on an art festival. It's really important for our art community for our artists to present what they have been working on and get a chance to sell their wares and talk to locals about what they have been working on really and build on that community," said Benacka.

Art in the park starts at 12pm on Saturday and lasts until 5pm.
If you are an artist that wants to feature your artwork at future events, the art center is always looking for applicants. For more information visit,

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