The Big Burrito Drop sends burritos across the nation


Yuma,Arizona - A local restaurant and high school are teaming up together to give a taste of home across the nation. 

The first-ever Big Burrito Drop is a fundraiser between Yuma Catholic high school and Mr.G's/The Chile Pepper. Recently the "fan favorite" made the list of the Top 10 Burritos in the nation on USA Today newspaper. The idea was created by Lime Light Creative Group and not only raises funds for programs and students at Yuma Catholic high school but brings a taste of home to Yumas across the nation. 

"This is an amazing event," said Executive Assistant Andrea Huff."We have a lot of people who ship on their own. They go to Fed Ex, UPS, or  U.S. Postal Service, but we cannot do that as a business. So, for this event, this is amazing, and to make money for a local school is great." 

As of right now, you can purchase your burrito box to drop wherever you like. The Burrito Box is $100 and includes a dozen rolled tacos, six bean and cheese burritos, salsa, and a love letter from Yuma and friends. The boxes will be shipped overnight frozen on December 5th, 2017. Special thanks to AEA Federal Credit Union for sponsoring this event and Limelight Creative Group for the idea come to life. Click here to place your order.



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