The Consulate of Mexico partners with PMHD to establish new health program

Imperail county welcomes "Ventanilla De Salud"

BRAWLEY, Calif. - A new health program was welcomed in Imperial County Tuesday morning.

Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District partnered with the Consulate of Mexico to commence “Ventanilla De Salud.”

 “It is considered that 11 million undocumented migrants live in this great country,” explained Carlos Flores Vizcarra, Consul of Mexico.

Of those migrants, some have children who are U.S. citizens.

With this program they are hoping to assist and educate Mexican communities in The United States.

 “We should look into the future with a very dynamic approach because these are the segments of the population that need us the most. Not only the parents, but also the young kids,” said Vizcarra.

 “They’re substantiating the numbers that show that there is a need for this and we’re very proud to be at the forefront. This falls in line with what our board’s goal and mission is, and that is to be the best healthcare provider in the imperial county,” said Jeff Klicka, President of the PMHD Hospital Board.

The goal is to reach people in need of health coverage while reducing the use of emergency services.

 “Last year we were able to reach out to over 16,000 people, different folks, not the same, not repeated ones. So, i think this will in a way compliment the desire of pioneers to represent itself better before the folks here in the valley, in the county, and make all these services available to them,” added Vizcarra.

 “We are located at the Mexican Consulate in Calexico but we are having a Ventanilla De Salud mobile right here at the hospital for people who live around,” said Adriana Buelna, Coordinator with Ventanilla De Salud.

The Ventanilla De Salud mobile services will be available within the next coming weeks, for more information you can head to


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