The Dangers of Social Media

Dangers of Social Media
Yuma,Arizona -
It's a hard habit to break when you have the attention at your finger tips.
Eric Frost with Eric Frost Consulting says social media has been popular with online scammers and predators. 
"Both of those two things I can use to create a fake persona, to either entice you to get along with you or to make you feel comfortable to try to scam you or get to know your family, Frost said.
Popular applications like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat are only a few to mention, but it's also the video games kids play online where they become an easy "target" for an online predator. 
Frost says, "If you don't watch your kids on social media, somebody else will. By the age of 11, almost 20 to 40 percent of children have been exposed to pornography. One of the reasons behind it is because predators tap into video games and hack them. The avatars, which are the characters, they have them run out naked and exposed. Your kids even see this on children games, so that was the crazy thing for me to see, to see how young they're being targeted and how much in depth they're going in on our children." 
Keeping your profile private and giving yourself a break from the "likes" could keep you and your children safe from the dangers of social media. 
"Social media used right is a great tool. The problem is anything you have "good" you have people who want to implement that system and do their own harm or try to do they own avenues to rip people off. The one thing I can tell you is if you don't watch your children on social media someone else will." 

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