The Humane Society of Imperial County needs your help

In need of $15,000 to bring shelter up to code

EL CENTRO, Calif. - The Humane Society of Imperial County is in need of donations for shelter repairs and is asking the community for help.

News 11 spoke to shelter’s director on what repairs need to be made and how much it will cost.

It all started after a windy weekend in Imperial Valley, Leaving the shelter with an estimated $15,000 in damages.

 “We’ve got some contractors working on a materials list and as soon as we know what those are then we can letting the community know what exactly is needed to get this up and ready and up to code and good to go,” said Devon Apodaca, Director of Humane Society of Imperial County.

After an anonymous tip, code enforcement inspected the shelter and is now working with them to get everything up to speed.

 “Once they found out that we had already had a contractor out looking at it and made an estimate and stuff, they were pretty pleased with that,” explained Apodaca.

For now the humane society has set up a donations page on it’s Facebook, they also accept donations in person too.

 “As of right now we have just under $8,000, so we’re a little bit more than halfway there. But we are hoping with other contractors coming in and seeing things and getting materials donated, were hoping that those costs, were hoping we can get by with the $8,000 that we have,” said Apodaca.

It is not clear how long the improvements will take, but the shelter did want to let the community know they will not be closing their doors anytime soon.

 “The Facebook post did trigger; sparked a lot of rumors about Humane Society of Imperial County closing down permanently, that is not true. Yeah we're in a little bit of a problem right now but we’re dealing with it, it’s going to be handled and we’re going to continue going, we’re not going anywhere anytime soon,” added Apodaca.

For more information on the Humane Society of Imperial County, their upcoming events and how you can donate, head to

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