The smallest pacemaker in the world at Yuma Regional Medical Center

Smallest Pacemaker in the World at YRMC

Yuma,Arizona - The smallest pacemaker in the world has made it's way to Yuma. 

The Yuma Regional Medical Center conducted their first procedure of implanting the Micra TPS Pacemaker changing a patient's life forever.

Micra TPS is being called the way of the future, being one-tenth of the size of a traditional pacing device. The surgical procedure is also made easier by implanting directly through the groin and into the right verticle of the heart, instead of the traditional practice through the chest and into the femoral vein.

Only a few hospitals in the nation have this new gadget and is available to eligible patients to turn their life around. 

Watch the full report tonight at 5/6/10 p.m. in the Evening Edition. 

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