The Tiny Chapel

Tiny Chapel

Yuma,Arizona. - A symbol of love that will last forever.

In the middle of endless green fields, a tiny chapel stands tall off Highway 95. Cecil Pratt is the owner of the chapel visited by thousands around the world.

"I don't think any of us envision the amount of people that would come to it."

Loren and Lois Pratt were married in 1951. In forty years of marriage, the couple started a family, honored God, and traveled across the nation.

"In the nineties they were married for forty years and my dad had an idea that he would built this chapel for his love of her and to honor their relationship with Christ. They loved god's world and love meeting people. Mom loved meeting people. Dad loved the scenery and travel was able to fulfill that for them."

In the late nineties, Lois became ill with a rare form of dementia. It was the start to build the chapel that would be remembered for generations.

"If mom were here today....I  think Mom and Dad were always great supporters of each other. I think she would've been really excited because it was so successful. Dad dream became a reality, and it's important to dream and it's important to realize and I think the Chapel did that." 

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