The Wall: Clarifying the debate tied to the controversial project

YUMA, Ariz. - El Centro Border Patrol confirmed Thursday that a wall will be built along the Calexico Port of Entry. 

According to Agent Justin Castrejon with El Centro Border Patrol, the project was approved during the 2017 Presidential Administration. 

In order to get a better look at the project, News 11 took a tour of the San Diego Border to investigate the plans for the wall. 

Otay Mesa is the region where San Diego Sector Border Patrol initially introduced eight wall prototypes, all ranging in material and height. 

According to Agent Eduardo Olmos, new infrastructure is set for construction along San Diego's border. 

"With that same money that the prototypes were built," Agent Olmos said.

"We'll also be replacing 14 miles of primary wall in the San Diego Sector." 

Moreover, Agent Castrejon said construction for El Centro's project is set for February. 

"What essentially is going to happen next month is the beginning of the construction here near Downtown Calexico," Agent Castrejon said.

"That's going to include new infrastructure that extends two miles West of the Calexico Port of Entry." 

According to Agent Olmos, the new project aims to eliminate security "loopholes" he said agents frequently face. 

"Infrastructure works," Olmos said. "However, it does have its challenges. So what we're trying to accomplish is finding an upgraded version of what we have." 

Agent Castrejon said El Centro Border Patrol agents frequently face similar challenges. 

"There would be a general need in our Sector because this is an area that we see a lot of crossings," Castrejon said. 

However, the debate stands in Washington. Congress is set to vote on a funding budget for immigration reform on Thursday.

Despite a constant push against the project, Agent Olmos said Border Patrol will continue to set politics aside, focusing on the job at hand. 

"Politics of Border Patrol have not changed," Olmos said. "We still patrol the border like we used to and we will continue, no matter who the President is." 

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