The Well Armed Women of Yuma

The Well Armed Women

YUMA, Ariz. - {Renee Summerour Firing a Gun}

That's pure adrenaline and a sense of empowerment I'm feeling after my first gun training session with TWAW or The Well Armed Women of Yuma. 

"Whether you're pro 2nd Amendment or Anti 2nd Amendment it's still very important to understand firearm safety" says Nicolle Griffin Yuma Chapter Leader at T.W.A.W.

This National Women's empowerment nonprofit organization has trained over 300 women in Yuma County. 

"The mane mission of the organization is three folded, its to Educate, Equip and Empower women. Our women do a variety of things in addition to just learning about firearm safety,  a lot of them go on to be hunters, or competition shooters" Griffin says.

During the hour-and-a-half training class, before heading to the shooting range, we're also taught about situational awareness.

"We want them at a minimum to understand, how do you tell if a firearm is loaded or unloaded. What do you do with a firearm if you find one?
And Situational awareness is something else we teach, which isn't even firearms related,its what are some common sense things when you're out in the public to watch out for, to look for the bad guys. How to not make yourself an easy target. What kind of tools besides a firearm can you use to defend yourself with or deter a bad guy?" says Griffin.

And with all of the recent tragedies heard across the country, Nicole feels it's time to make a difference. 

"It's important that you as a parent understand, how to tell if a gun is loaded or unloaded and how to teach your child what to do if they come across a firearm in a friends home. Here in Yuma, our organization specifically, we have become very involved with all  three domestic violence agencies...Amberlys place, Healing Journey and The Safe-house"

And ladies let's not forget about the accessories, including this bra holster.

"The joke about this one is...since it called a flash-bang. If you do have to shot your perpetrator they die happy because you flash them and then you bang them " says Griffin.

Now it's time to head to the range to practice what what I've just learned. 

{Renee Summerour shooting gun. Shows results}

Not too bad!

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