Thousands celebrate 38th Annual Children's Fair in El Centro

I.V. celebrates 38th Annual...

EL CENTRO, Calif. - Central Union High School teacher Hayde Rodriguez said something great was going on at Bucklin Park on Saturday.

“The community is coming together. You can see children, you can smell cotton candy in the background, parents picking up information about the services that are available for children,” Rodriguez said.

Thousands of people enjoyed the 38th Annual Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month Children’s Fair park event.
“You can hear it. You can hear it in the background. People sound happy, people of all ethnicities here in the valley are gathered here. They’re having a good time with their children,” Rodriguez said.

Child Abuse Prevention Council Director Yvette Garcia said there are activities for everyone.

“This is a big family fun resource day at the park,” Garcia said.

The event brought parents and children closer together.

“We want families to really spend that time with their children. The activities that we around here are interactive so that parents can do things with their children,” Garcia said.

She said quality time can make a difference.

“Just taking those couple of minutes really makes a difference in a child’s life,” Garcia said.

The children’s fair is the kickoff for many activities throughout the month and around Imperial Valley aimed to promote children’s well-being.

“We want families to come and enjoy themselves and learn about available services and resources to help strengthen their families. And most of all to let them know that imperial county really cares about their family,” Garcia said.

Rodriguez said she enjoyed everything at the fair, especially the costume characters.

“Some of my students are actually dressed up as characters. And they’re having their pictures taken with the younger kids,” Rodriguez said.

And having her tiny pet dog Mr. Cuddles with her.

“Who is a world-famous dancer and fun dog to be around with children,” Rodriguez said.

But everything at the children’s fair was to deliver an important message.

“To make sure that we place our children first,” Rodriguez said.


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