Three local minors accused of arson

Face arson and criminal damage charges

Yuma Valley Park fire

YUMA, Ariz. - The Yuma Police Department responded to a suspicious fire call on Sunday at the Yuma Valley Park. 

According to YPD, they received the call after 6 a.m. on Sunday morning.
Police said the suspects burnt multiple trash cans along with a snack bar trailer. 
Moreover, the suspects, three 12-year-old boys, had also caused over $2,000 worth of damage at the River Park Apartment Complex.
All damage resulted in a loss of over $12,000.
"They took 16 fire extinguishers and extinguished them all over the [apartment] park," Sgt. Lori Franklin said. "They [also] ended up throwing rocks at the complex [breaking] a window."
The suspects who will remain unidentified were arrested and booked into the Yuma County Juvenile Justice Center on Monday.
They face charges of arson, criminal damage and criminal trespass. 
Anyone with more information is encouraged to contact police. 

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