Tips to avoid fraud : Online shopping for the holidays

Tips to avoid Fraud while shopping...
YUMA, Ariz. - It's safe to say most of you are shopping online this year, but with news of breaches and hackers, how safe is your information when shopping online?
Sam Kassoumeh COO and Co-founder of SecurityScoreCard says there's some things to keep in mind to avoid credit card fraud and email spoofing from even the largest online  retailers.
"There is an array of things that companies can do wrong, when they're setting up a website or when setting up credit card processing and handling. Whether it's miss configuration of servers allowing hackers to connect to unauthorized portions of your network or exposing something like information about customers"
First, Sam says be cautious of any emails you receive from stores. It could be an Email Spoofing scam.
" There are usually some tall tales signs of spoof emails. Generally speaking you're not acknowledged by your name or you'll see often times an unnatural use of words or unnatural grammar. Often you see carelessness in the way the message has been crafted or articulated."
Another question, should you register with the online retailer or check-out as a guest?
"If you have less of a tolerance for convenience and a higher tolerance for security, the recommendation would be too always check out as a guest and that way your personal details aren't stored in a server that could potentially be hacked. "
 Lastly, which is safer your new chip card or PayPal?
"Either are a great option, but when it comes to disputing a fraudulent request ,depending on the type of credit card you have, some of us may have an easier or more difficult time to dispute. So that's how I would think about it."
Just a few more tips to keep what you've worked so hard to earned, and  spend this holiday season.
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