Tis' the season of the Girl Scout Cookie

One of the most anticipated seasons of all

Whether it's my personal favorite the Samoas, Thin Mints or their latest addition to their delightful variety the Girl Scout S'mores you'll be able to find them at locations throughout our community. For many it will be a challenge not to buy a box since just having made a resolution to eat better. But, don't let that stop you from buying a box, give it to a friend or better yet have them send it to our troops. 

   Each box of deliciousness goes to empower a local girl scout, the scouts have been molding girls into young women for generations and their primary means of funding has been cookie sales. So starting January 13th and on until March 4th you'll have the opportunity to stock up. For the most part we have our go to troop to buy our cookies; but, in the event that you have to have a box and don't have any connections the Girl Scouts have you covered with their "Cookie Finder" all you have to do is log onto their website type in your zip code and it will tell you when and where to find a troop near you. 


To make it easier for you we've added the link and when and if you buy a box send us a picture at showing us your favorite. 

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