Top Brawley candidates say city has growth problems

Top candidates speak out

BRAWLEY, Calif. - The two top candidates for the Brawley City Council race said they’re ready to take on the city’s business growth problems.

Top candidate Luke Hamby said, “We’ve got some areas here that have just been declining and crumbling for years. I really don’t know what the city council and city administration have tried to do to mitigate that issue, but, it hasn’t been terribly effective.”

Hamby, who took the top spot with 32% of the vote as of Tuesday evening, said he’ll focus on making the city more business friendly with less restrictions.

“If they’re anything more than what the state is regulating, then those need to be removed. Introducing ordinances that will motivate the business owners, the property owners, to clean up their businesses, get them into rentable or sellable condition," Hamby said.

Sam Couchman, current city mayor, who got 27% of the vote, wants to continue work already in progress. And he sees other opportunities for business growth, as well.

“We’ve got some activity down there in that downtown area. I don’t want people to think that we’re neglecting that. I think we’re working towards it. It just takes simply time and effort on the part of the private sector to invest in our downtown area.”

He sees other opportunities, as well. The Walmart corridor, very, very important to the city of Brawley. We just approved some plans thru the city council the other day regarding the development that will occur over here across the street,” Couchman said.

He said council work is teamwork.

“Voting on all the things that we vote on. It’s a group effort. It’s we. It’s not me or i, or anything like that,” Couchman said.

Both men are excited about the challenges ahead. They say they appreciate the other two candidates.

“I want to reach out to both of them and use their help,” Hamby said.

“We’re all here for Brawley. That’s where we live. That’ where we work,” Couchman said.

The preliminary results of Tuesday’s election represent only the mail-in ballots. The final official results will be known in about two weeks.


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