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911 emergency text messaging now available in Imperial County

IMPERIAL COUNTY, Calif. - Several law enforcement agencies in Imperial County announced Monday they will now be equipped to receive and respond to 911 text messages thanks to Text-to-911. 

On January 1st, the Brawley Police Department, California Highway Patrol, El Centro Police Department, Imperial County Sheriff’s Office, and State Emergency Communications 911 officials can now receive and respond to mobile phone SMS Text-to-911 messages. 

“Call if you can—Text if you can’t” is the slogan created by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as the new technology makes its debut across the nation. 

The service is now accessible to the hearing and speech impaired members of the community and in situations where it is too dangerous to make a voice call to 911. All phones must include a text or data plan to send a message to 911. 

According to the FCC, you should always contact 911 by making a phone call as a first option. Photos and videos cannot be sent to 911 messages. 

For information regarding Text to 911, please contact the local law enforcement where you reside in the Imperial County. 

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