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Day four for the trial of Modesto Cortes-Serrillo

Day four for restaurant murder trial

YUMA, Ariz. - The trial for Lin's restaurant murder trial resumed Friday and several key witnesses took the stand.

Among them was the woman Modesto Cortes-Serrillo was dating and met weeks before he allegedly shot the victim, Santiago Diaz.

The woman told the jury she was dating Modesto Cortes-Serrillo for about a month before the 2014 murder. The woman and Cortes-Serrillo were at the restaurant together the day he shot and killed Diaz.

She was asked about the moments prior to the shooting and recalled feeling scared the moment the fight broke out.

She initially thought Diaz was the one who instigated the argument that led to his death. She quickly learned Cortez was the suspect after a phone call he made to her that same day. 

During the phone call, he admitted to her that he could not hold back after he saw his wife with another man.

The defendant then questioned the woman and she admitted she heard a remorseful tone from him several weeks after the murder.

Detectives also took the stand today confirming Diaz was shot multiple times while he had already been on the ground. 

Cortes-Serrillo is currently on trial for first-degree murder in the shooting death of Santiago Diaz back in 2014.

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