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Topic of the Day: Guns in Checked Bags

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Days have passed since the deadly shooting at a Florida airport where five people were killed and eight others injured. Many questions were brought up soon after; who was the shooter? And why did he attack?

Although we don't know the reason behind the attack we know that the shooter is twenty six year old Esteban Santiago an Army Veteran with a history of mental illness dating back to his tour in Iraq.

Now, families of the victims are asking airport officials just how Santiago was able to bring a gun into the airport and the answer is, legally. According to the Transportation Security Administration website passengers can travel with weapons and ammunition as long as their kept in a locked hard case in their checked baggage.

And, that's what Santiago did, he checked his weapon in when boarding in Anchorage and once in Florida he waiting for his bag, carried to a bathroom loaded the weapon and opened fire on unsuspecting travelers.

According to the TSA hundreds travel with weapons daily.

13 On Your Side wants to know your thoughts:

Do you think guns should be banned from checked baggage?

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