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Topic of the Day: House of Horrors

AZ Woman becomes 3rd to receive death

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It's the Arizona criminal case that reads more like a horror novel rather than a court case. The story of a dysfunctional family who terrorized its own and ended with the torture and murder of a ten year old girl. Its most recent chapter is the convicted executioner herself Samantha Allen who will now face her fate in Arizona's death row.

   Allen follows two relatives who have been convicted on charges of child abuse in connection with the death of Ame Deal. According to court records the ten year old girl bounced around from one family member to the other before ending up on Allen's doorstep. In 2011, Ame was crammed into a plastic container and left in triple digit heat where where died an excruciating death.

   When asked why, Allen's attorney told the court that this was the norm; Allen confessed that one previous occasions Ame was forced to eat dog feces when she lied and Allen herself was placed in that container as a child. One juror had to be excused after hearing details of Ame's daily life in the Allen home. Allen's husband is set to be sentenced next for his role in the child's death. 

13 On Your Side wants to know your thoughts:

Do you think the sentence is appropriate? Why or why not?

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