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Topic of the Day: Morning cup of smash

Coffee lovers left with bitter taste

13 On Your Side wants to know your thoughts:

It's become the new norm in social media; people upset over a particular situation and uploading their frustrations on to the world wide web. Up until now it's been people burning their once favorite sports team's apparel; now the social media universe is exploding with people destroying their Keurig coffee makers. 

   According to reports the company left a bitter taste in their customer's mouths after they pulled advertising from the Sean Hannity Talk Show. It all stems from an interview with Alabama State candidate Roy Moore who in the interview was asked about possible allegations of statutory rape; to which the candidate neither confirmed or denied the allegations but added that if something did happen, he had the girls parent's consent. 

   As soon as news hit the web, Hannity loyalists took to the internet destroying their coffee makers and calling on everyone to boycott the company. Along with Keurig,, Nature's Bounty, 23 and Me and Eloquii also pulled their advertising from the popular talk show.  

13 On Your Side wants to know your thoughts:

What are your thoughts on people smashing their Keurigs in protest?

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