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Topic of the Day: President set to visit Yuma

Yuma extends welcome mat

13 On Your Side wants to know your thoughts:

It's been some time since a commander in chief has visited the Desert Southwest; but our community is no stranger to seeing the leader of the free world pay us a visit. Back in the late 90's Former President George H.W. Bush visited the the skies of Yuma and Somerton while skydiving. His son George W. Bush visited twice during his presidency as the 'War on Terror" took center stage.

  On Tuesday, many will look to the skies to catch a glimpse of the majestic jet known as Air Force One and a chosen few will see President Donald J. Trump as he lands and steps onto the flight line of Marine Corps Air Station Yuma. Although details of his visit are limited, we can predict he will visit with service members and possibly visit the border as G.W. Bush did in 2007.

13 On Your Side wants to know your thoughts:

What are your thoughts on President Donald J. Trump's visit to Yuma?

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