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Topic of the Day: Senator Jeff Flake in Yuma

Visited local farmers and law enforcement

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U.S. Senator Jeff Flake visited the Desert Southwest on Thursday; during the senator's visit he met with members of Yuma County's law enforcement, representatives from the agriculture industry and the local Republican Party.

   Senator Flake has been working on Capitol Hill for almost two decades having started his political career as a U.S. Representative and now a senator. He's described by most as a "fiscal conservative" due to his views on government spending.

In 2008, Esquire magazine voted Senator Flake as one of the countries top ten politicians. Senator Flake grew up in Snowflake, Arizona and comes from a religious family. When not representing Arizona in Washington, D.C. he spends his time with his children and grand children.

13 On Your Side wants to know your thoughts:

How do you think Senator Jeff Flake is doing on capitol hill?

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