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Topic of the Day: Tax Deadline

Procrastinators beware

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This year the tax deadline landed on a Saturday and as is custom was pushed forward until Tuesday. As millions of Americans rush to get their taxes in and avoid penalties others are breathing a sigh of relief having crossed that task off of their to-do list. 

But, if you find yourself in the trenches of tax deadline turmoil Uncle Sam is here with a shoulder to cry on. The Internal Revenue Service allows you to file an extension; now, that does not include paying. 

But, if you happen to owe money the IRS has a few options; you can pay online, you can pay in installments and if paying is an issue, you can even apply for assistance. Now, the IRS is warning Americans to be on the look out for possible scammers who target tax procrastinators.  

13 On Your Side wants to know your thoughts:

What has been your experience this tax season?


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