Training for students with disabilities

Adaptive training

Now, Arizona Western College is putting an emphasis in their adaptive training. A training designed for students with disabilities. 

Oscar Quintero, a student at AWC is not making any excuses for the success he longs for. Though he is blind, he still aspires to become a personal trainer and looks forward to making a difference in the athletic training world.

New staff member, Alan Pruitt is a grant funded adaptive athlete specialist through the VA and holds multiple national athletic coaching certifications in adaptive sports, running, indoor rowing, swimming, and sports performance. 

He is helping students with disabilities find their passion and get in shape. Coordinator of Physical and Wellness Education, Jane Peabody is proud to make this a reality for many students, too. 

AWC is planning a series of fitness events where many can sign up coming up. We will keep you updated when it is all available. 

For more information, head on over to their website:



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