Trial date set for alleged kidnapping case

CALEXICO, Calif. - An Imperial County Superior Court Judge set a trial date for an alleged Calexico kidnapping case over 3 1/2 years old Thursday morning. 

The District Attorney’s Office said they have all the documents they need from the Calexico Police Department. He said this was what holding up the case from moving forward.

The three defendants in the case were in court this morning, even though the victim claimed there was a fourth defendant. The D.A. said there’s no evidence of a fourth one. They added that the defendants have been coming to every hearing. Some of them are out on bail and some are out on their own recognizance.

We reached out to the defendants for comment but they declined.

Dr. Mohamed Assiad’s son was allegedly kidnapped as a teenager and beaten by the three defendants, one of them being the victim’s ex-girlfriend.

Assiad said the trial is long overdue.

“The judge is ready for a trial, and we are happy that the judge is pushing for a trial and jury in order to convict these criminals with these felonies. How come the fourth guy has not even been arrested?” Assiad said.

The trial date was set for March 6th at El Centro’s Courthouse.

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