Two arrested after reported shooting

IMPERIAL, Calif. - Two people were arrested after police say they found a weapon at a home connected to a shooting.

Skye Acosta, 24, and Amy Ulibarri, 23, both from Holtville, were arrested for shooting into an occupied dwelling, shooting at an unoccupied vehicle, criminal threats, conspiracy, aiding and abetting.

The shooting was reported on Tuesday night in the 500 block of Sunflower Way.

Officers say they got a call in reference to suspicious activity. When officers say they got there they weren't able to find anything. 

However, Wednesday morning, the reporting party found bullet holes on their home and a car in the driveway.

Officers were able to find several bullet casings.

Police say they found Acosta and Ulibarri and pulled them over in the area of Aten Boulevard and Dogwood Road. 

A search warrant was served at the suspect's home in Holtville where officers found a semi-automatic pistol among other evidence connecting the two to the shooting.

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