Two female visitors arrested at Calipatria State Prison

CALIPATRIA, Calif. - Two women visiting Calipatria State Prison were arrested after attempting to smuggle drugs during the weekend. 

Kamisha Alese Robert, a 37-year-old Las Vegas, NV. resident, was visiting Inmate Charles Banner on Saturday when Investigate Services Unit staff observed them acting suspiciously by looking around. 

The staff proceeded to perform a consented search of Ms. Roberts and found three individual bindles. 

These bindles contained a combined weight of 3.4 grams of a waxy-like substance suspected of being marijuana, which had an estimated prison value of $5,550. 

Inmate Banner was placed in Administration Segregation and Ms. Roberts was booked into County Jail, who will face felony charges.

If convicted, Ms. Roberts is facing three to five years in prison. 

A 20-year-old Hawaiian Gardens, Calif. woman was also arrested the same day. 

Visiting Staff were alerted to Ms. Susan Candelas who appeared nervous and refused to answer questions. Investigative Services Unit Staff were notified and Ms. Candelas subsequently relinquished two individual bindles

The bindles contained a combined weight of 4.0 grams of a waxy-like substance, suspected of being marijuana, which has an estimated prison value of $6,000.

The evidence was collected and was not linked to any inmate.

Ms. Candelas was booked into County Jail and is facing charges. If convicted, Ms. Candelas is facing three to five years in prison.  

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