Two-vehicle crash on County 14th and Somerton Avenue

SOMERTON, Ariz. - The Somerton Cocopah Fire Department responded to a two-vehicle crash that happened on County 14th Street and Somerton Avenue at 11:10 a.m. Tuesday. 

Somerton Cocopah personnel found a mid-sized blue pickup truck and a white minivan that had collided. 

The white minivan had a lone female driver and the blue pickup truck had a male driver and a female passenger. 

The white van came to rest in a lettuce field’s irrigation ditch and sustained heavy damage to the driver’s side quarter panel and door.  The female driver was trapped and complaining of extreme pain to her left hip.

Due to the severe damage to the driver's door, the passenger side door was removed to access the driver. The woman was transported to YRMC emergency traffic with a possible hip fracture.


The driver of the blue pickup was able to walk and stated that he had not sustained any injuries, while the female passenger was complaining of neck, chest and lower back pain. The driver of the blue pickup truck refused treatment or transportation and the female driver was transported to YRMC via Rural Metro Ambulance for further observation.


According to the driver of the blue pickup truck, he was traveling northbound at 50 miles per hour, when the eastbound white minivan failed to stop at the intersection. The blue pickup truck, struck the driver’s side quarter panel and the door of the white minivan, with both vehicles coming to rest in the northwest corner of the intersection.  


Yuma County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the accident. 

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