Volunteers head to California fires

YUMA, Ariz. - The Red Cross of Yuma is sending an Assistant Transportation Manager and a supervisor for Staff Services to assist with the devastating wildfires still burning across the state of California.

Tom Baston left Yuma last week to assist. He says his duties will include providing transposition for the volunteers arriving and helming the different Red Cross sites. 

Cheryl Flores is deploying to Santa Rosa Wednesday morning. She will be in charge of recruiting people in the area who are willing to help. 

For those who want to help and have the time Red Cross spokesperson Charlie McMurdie asks the community to signup.  

“When you deploy to areas like where Tom Batson is at right now for this wildfire in California, they’re are not going to put you in an area where you have to worry about being overcome by the fire or you know possible endanger by the fire. They’re going to have you in areas like shelters and certain businesses,” said McMurdie. 

On Wednesday Red Cross is headed to quartzite in search for more volunteers. 

Location: Quartzite Community Center 

Date: October 17th at 7 p.m. 



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