YUMA: Woman arrested for starting 13 fires

Woman suspected of starting 13 arson...

YUMA, Ariz. - A woman was arrested after she allegedly started 13 fires around the city.

Janice Pablo, 34, is suspected of starting fires at her house, Food City and an alley.

According to the Yuma Police Department, the first set of fires were at Pablo's home near Seventh Street and 13th Avenue. Officers say they found four fires inside and two outside.

The second set of fires were at a Food City on Eighth Street. Pablo is believed to have set three fires inside and two outside.

Shortly after, two fires were found in an alleyway near Eighth Street and Avenue A where a city of Yuma dumpster was on fire.

Pablo was eventually found and arrested near Arizona Avenue and 23rd Street after someone called to report a disorderly subject. Once in custody, police officers say, Pablo confessed to setting all the fires.

Investigators estimate the total damage at approximately $13,420.

YPD did not report any injuries from any of the incidents.

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