Woman arrested for smuggling drugs at Calipatria State Prison

CALIPATRIA, Calif. - A 33-year-old woman was arrested after attempting to smuggle marijuana and methamphetamine into Calipatria State Prison during the weekend.

The prison visiting staff was alerted to Ms. Erica Yanira Rios, a Panorama City, Calif. resident, who was exiting the visitors restroom smelling of marijuana.

Ms. Rios was visiting Inmate Kenny Brown on Saturday, July 29th, who is currently serving time for 1st degree murder. 

Visiting staff alerted the Investigative Services Unit (ISU) staff, who spoke to Ms. Rios and she handed over two latex bindles. A following consented search of Ms. Rios revealed two additional latex bindles and a final search of the vehicle she drove to the prison revealed an additional five bindles. 

Eight of the bindles had a combined weight of 13.0 grams of suspected marijuana with an estimated prison value of $3,250. The ninth bindle weighed 1.5 grams of methamphetamine, with an estimated prison value of $1,500. 

Inmate Kenny Brown was linked to the evidence found and was moved to the Administrative Segregated Unit. 

Ms. Rios was booked into County Jail and faces felony charges. If convicted Ms. Rios is facing three to five years in prison. 

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