Woman defrauded by local auto shop

YUMA, Ariz. -
Cynthia Rivera came to 13 On Your Side in March with a $1,500 bill from the Yuma Meineke for work that was never done to her car.
Rivera went to Meineke earlier last year needing a refurbished part to help the steering on her car. After weeks of the shop holding her car she took her car back. Only to find her car not working, so she went to a local dealership. That's when they confirmed there was no work done to her car like the local Meineke had claimed.
After learning this Rivera tried countless times to get a refund from the finance company the auto shop uses to loan customers money. Even hiring a Constable to serve them in a small claim suit. Since December of 2016 Rivera remained unsuccessful. 
After our initial report back in March of 2017, the local Meineke declined to comment on Cynthia's account.
The auto repair shop is even rated an F on the Better Business Bureau. 
Now after our last report Meineke has closed their doors permanently and Cynthia has gotten a full refund from the third party finance company. As for Meineke, the Yuma Police Department is looking into Riveras fraudulent claims. 

"I just received a call from the finance company yesterday. They have agreed to completely take this off my credit report and have settled the account to paid in full," Rivera said.
Her refund comes after 13 On Your Side called the finance company, which in turn immediately reached out to Rivera for a solution.

"I figured you guys could get answers for me, which you guys have you guys have helped a lot," said Rivera.

For others who plan on getting work done on their car she says to do your homework.

"Look up the reviews look up the rating on the better business bureau," said Rivera.
If you feel like you've been a victim of fraud the Better Business Bureau says it's important to keep a paper trail.

"If we ever go to any agency for help so we have that paper trail recourse.Where they can go back and do an investigation," said Regional Director of the Better Business Bureau of Yuma Janet Torricellas.
Now Rivera plans on being more careful on where she chooses to bring her car.

"It feels good knowing they can no longer take advantage of people and me not having to owe anybody. Not having this impacting my credit," said Rivera.
If you believe you've been a victim of fraud it's important to file a police report and make sure to have a paper trail.


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