Woman is killed in freak accident

Woman dies in freak accident

CALEXICO, Calif. -

A woman is dead in a freak accident and one man is seriously injured on Wednesday morning in Calexico. Eryk Madrigal, owner of Marco Parking, a business near the place of the accident, said the poor woman never knew what hit her.

“There was a couple walking on the street. And they crossed the street to get the shadow of the building,” Madrigal said.

Within seconds of crossing Cesar Chavez Boulevard at 5th Street they were hit from behind by a runaway trailer carrying recyclables.

“They didn’t see there was a car coming hauling a trailer. There’s a little curb on the street and when the trailer was almost getting to them the trailer detached from the car and it goes over the couple,” Madrigal said.

He said the trailer hit the woman full force, making a hole in the wall of a warehouse.

“The woman was on the bottom of the trailer,” Madrigal added.

He described how two men wearing recycling business uniforms jumped out of the pickup truck hauling the trailer and they tried to help the man who was knocked to the side of the trailer.

Calexico Police Sargent Armando Marquez described the woman as 54-year-old Calexico resident.

“The female party of the male and female that were collided into had passed away. The gentleman had an injury to his arm. I believe he was released,” Marquez said.

Police said the driver is in his late twenties and did not flee the scene. Charges are pending.

“The investigation is ongoing. But, we are looking at a possible vehicular manslaughter at this time,” Marquez said.

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